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David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

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Zambia Field Journal
Roaming Elephant will be at the David Shepherd Zambia Sanctuary this Spring to paint murals.


"Based out of London, David Shepherd (who recently has passed) has led a global mission to use art to raise funds and awareness for his cause. Zambia is where four calf elephants are currently being cared for. Typically until an Calf is 9 years old, they are not prepared for life in the wild unless they have the love and lessons from their mother. A matriarchal society, and a herd often cares for the youth until the youth are able to live and roam free and without guidance.  The Zambia branch of David Shepherd Wildlife, has done an incredible job of raising these four calves, and needs our help to continue to do so. Be it for this current residence, or the future ones, I am headed to Zambia to make my efforts more significant. I am going to paint murals in the sanctuary, as well as at orphanages in the cities, to bring to light the importance locally, as well as to encourage the community to stand behind their efforts. The long term goal is to not have calves orphaned by the poacher crisis, however, until that happens, this organization will continue to need resources and support. Each year in London, there is an event that helps drive support. I will be there, with a show of my work... "

-- Matthew Shapira