BLES | Boon Lotts Elephant Sanctuary


Field Journal - Thailand
Making Friends with art is one of the great rewards of this journey.


"Katherine Connor has dedicated her life to helping secure land and opportunity for a second chance at freedom for many Indian Elephants. Her story is magical.  She came many years ago to Thailand as a tourist, coming into contact with a young Calf Elephant named Boon Lott. The poor Elephant calf was badly injured with a spinal issue. Katherine walked many miles a day to spend time with Boon Lott, laying with him, and as well as walked again many miles to use the one land line in the local village. Her hope was to raise money to help vet's locally to help heal this poor elephant. She laid with Boon Lott for almost a full year. Unfortunately, he passed away despite her herculian efforts.  Her passion remained strong, raising money to stay in Sukhothai, Thailand, build a sanctuary, and learning how to be a conservationist for Elephants, and many other species. I've personally been to her sanctuary, where she taught me about methods of care, as well as her daily routine with certain rescued elephants that had been previously injured from tourism and the lumber yards.  She walked me through the jungle, along the route between farms, where her 13 rescued elephants enjoyed their mahouts and meals.  Katherine is one of my favorite ambassadors for elephants as she truly represents a complete dedicatication to the proper methods and practices of conservation. She has dogs, monkeys, and many other beautiful and needing animals."

-- Matthew Shapira