Wildlife SOS


Field Journal - India
Wildlife SOS has made great strides in changing long held beliefs and traditions in India.


"I am looking forward to working with this organization as they have revolutionized the way Indians consider treating animals. They started with rescuing bears whom had hooks in their noses, and used for dancing on the streets to entertain tourists. The founders, not only changed the legal practice of this method, but built a sanctuary for these bears, as well as, reeducated the families on how to make a living in a different field, assuring the safety of future animals from these people.

The movement led to Elephants, whom are struggling with both Indian rituals and cultural tourism, as well as, human traffic complications. Elephants migrate, and roam, which leads to conflict with farmers, villagers, and local residents. This conflict leads to harm and in many cases death to these elephants whom are roaming naturally with their heard looking for food and water.  My aim is to help bring knowledge globally, as well as bring some additional funding through my artwork, so that they can continue to grow their efforts, and stop the torture for elephant ritual performance and migration hazards."

-- Matthew Shapira